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Rapid HIV Test

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Rapid and Confidential HIV Tests

Union Positiva offers rapid and confidential HIV testing, with results available in 20 minutes. This makes our HIV test effective and convenient.

Also known as point-of-care testing, with this testing method, there is no need to send a blood sample to the laboratory.

It is more convenient as you receive your test results in 20 minutes. 

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Rapid testing allows for more people to get tested

 HIV Test Miami
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The Benefits of Rapid HIV Testing

Rapid HIV testing has significant benefits in the detection of the virus. The main advantages of the rapid test include:

  • Quick results. Eliminate the need for people to return to get their results
  • Referral for treatment will be provided for those who test positive
  • The tests do not require specialized equipment

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The rapid HIV test includes a wide range of benefits

You should get tested for HIV if you have:

  • Had sexual relation without protection
  • Shared needles when injecting any product
  • Put yourself at risk of HIV in any other way

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