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We acquired a Mobile Health Van through the Closing the Gap program from the Florida Department of Health.  Currently services provided by Union Positiva’s Mobile Health Van are funded by the CDC. This Mobile Health Van allows us to provide free and confidential HIV Rapid Testing and prevention services at regular hours and non-traditional hours doing outreach in Latino HIV/AIDS high risk areas in Miami-Dade County, including rural locations, also throughout neighboring counties in South Florida.

The Mobile Health Van provides access to HIV Rapid Testing Mondays through Saturdays. The schedule includes mornings and afternoons for more traditional locations and populations. It also includes late evening hours for non-traditional locations and populations at highest risk for HIV/AIDS. 

Overall, the Mobile Health Van provides outreach, education and prevention, and free and confidential HIV Rapid Testing to those individuals who are at High Risk for HIV/AIDS and that otherwise would not go to get tested at traditional HIV Testing sites.

What can you do if you find out you are HIV positive?
Get counseling, see a physician, and ask about treatment. Union Positiva and other HIV testing sites have counseling and know where you can get help.  A physician who is knowledgeable and helpful can assist in pointing you to the best treatments and medications.  Ask about new treatments and do your own research and stay informed.

Updated Weekly Schedules that include time and locations are available and can be found in the Calendar Page in the Website at www.unionpositiva.org

Those interested in obtaining HIV/AIDS services by using the Mobile Health Van can obtain schedules and information as well by calling Union Positiva at (305) 644-0667 Monday through Friday from 9: am to5:30 pm.

Telephone: (305) 644-0667

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