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Linkage to Care | Miami

Established in 1997, UNION POSITIVA offers free and confidential HIV testing and linkage to care services for the communities of Miami Dade County.

We are located in Miami. Get tested, know your status!

Reliable Care Programs

Linkage to care is a crucial early step in successful HIV treatment, and is defined as the completion of 3 medical clinic visits following an HIV diagnosis.It is an important precursor to retention in care, antiretroviral therapy initiation and viral suppression. Within a month, this program can significantly increase the likelihood of achieving viral suppression.

By connecting individuals to proper care and delivering compassionate services, we help HIV-positive clients overcome barriers that may prevent them from receiving appropriate medical care. Contact us today.

We aim to reduce the spread of HIV throughout Miami Dade communities

 Linkage to Care Miami
Linkage to Care Hialeah

Intensive Support

With years of experience and knowledge, UNION POSITIVA provides intensive support to anyone who is HIV positive.

We are committed to empowering clients to be proactive when taking care of themselves and protecting others.

Our goal is to connect diagnosed clients with the most effective medical services. Contact us.

We empower clients to be proactive


  • Wide range of services
  • Comprehensive quality care
  • Warm and friendly environment
  • Years of experience

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