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HIV Counseling Services 

Committed to reducing the spread of HIV in Miami-Dade County, UNION POSITIVA offers HIV counseling services.

We are located in Miami. Get tested, know your status!

Support and Counseling

At UNION POSITIVA, we specialize in providing support and counseling to anyone who is HIV positive.

In a safe, confidential environment, our knowledgeable team aims to:

  • Help you cope with your HIV status and live a meaningful life
  • And provide prevention counseling services

Our goal is to address your concerns and help you achieve the best possible health. Get in touch today.

The truth is in your blood. Get tested today !
Voluntary Counselling Miami
 Voluntary Counselling Hialeah

Reduce The Risk of Infection

HIV counseling and testing are effective prevention strategies that can:

  • Help decrease annual transmission rates
  • Reduce the incidence of new infections
  • Reduce sexually transmitted infection rates
  • Give information on how HIV is transmitted

At UNION POSITIVA, we offer HIV counseling services to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and to reduce the risk of infection! Contact us today.

We address your concerns

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Years of experience
  • State-of-the-art testing facility
  • HIV and STD testing
  • Mobile Testing Unit

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